Garden Ornaments

The fun thing about gardens is you do not need to just stick to flowers, you can add all sorts of different ornaments. Tuck them into little corners, use to support large flowers, climbing roses, or a place for our little feathered friends to splash!

This little bird is always visiting our bird bath. I honestly think he (or maybe it is a girl?!) has a crush on the other bird or he enjoys having a one way conversation, hope his heart won’t be broken when he realizes the little gal is metal.

Flowers reflected in the Bird Bath and Harry the gargoyle

Wrought Iron Garden Trellis

 I actually picked up the globe at Winners close to 15 years ago, and then once I was done with it inside the house, I had the trellis welded to it. It could use a paint job, but I kind of love the rustic touch!

Ornate Metal Door Mat - This was another Winners find.

We have this wooden semi wall that was just kind of boring (I just planted Ivy to climb up it as well, which I know I will curse once it takes!) I had this metal mat tucked away in the garden shed, and as I was racking my brain with what to do to the wall, the lightbulb went off! Boring wall plus unused mat equals new life!

I picked up this piece of gate from an antique store in Fort Langley. It is actually from Historic Gastown.

This gargoyle has never been named, but he is a fierce protector, and pretty much has the full view of what goes on in our backyard:)

I have come to the conclusion that with all the little birds in our yard, one of my next additions has to be an actual birdhouse. Hopefully in time for this fall.

Ta – Ta for now!