Cabinet Restoration

Quite awhile back, I found this metal filing cabinet sitting at the side of the road. I think I drove past it twice and told myself if it was still there when I got back, then it was meant to come home with me. Well it was still there, so thank goodness for pick-up trucks, and a hubby willing to do a bit of heavy lifting.

This was the second project that I tackled while the kids were away. It was a little more involved, so thank goodness that Al got right in there with me. He willingly dove into all the little important details that required patience, like peeling and sanding all the stickers off.

Here was our little gem before -

I decided that this was the perfect cabinet for art supplies and such, so I wanted something fun, and a little quirky. Not only are Blue, Yellow and Pink the kids favorite colours (the coloured drawers are just for them, and now filled with all sorts of treasures) some of the base colours in design are Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow! I also could not resist a little bit of distressing!

As with any project, it always seems to snowball into something else. I am now working on getting the laundry room/art room painted and set up. All for another day, until then… is how I completed the Filing Cabinet

  • I used the sanding block to sand the entire Cabinet
  • Al removed the stickers with Goof Off, then sanded the surface smooth

  • I then sprayed the entire surface of the cabinet and drawers with Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover Primer
  • Once the Primer was dry, I sprayed everything with Painter’s Touch White Flat (for the coloured drawers I used Painter’s Touch Gloss Marigold, Berry Pink, Caribbean Blue)
  • I then lined the drawers with mix and match paper, tacked down with double-sided tape.

I am loving the new found space and the fact that everything has a place!

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